Beware the Summer Sales Force and Their Deceptive Sales Practices

Summer is the time that the door knockers come calling. They are transported here seasonally to do nothing but sell. They are lodged in hotels and motels and transported to neighborhoods to target existing homes with security systems. These sales people can be convincing but will leave you regretting your decision

We would like you to be aware that:

  • These sales people, many times, are not from this area of the country and are only here for the summer. They may not even be licensed to do business in this area. (Ask to see their license)
  • The company may have no local presence. They could be located on the other side of the country. (Who responds if you have an issue?)
  • They many times misrepresent who they are and where they are from, saying things like“ I am with GE or Vintage, here to upgrade your system” or “Our company purchased Vintage Security”
  • The equipment they use may be proprietary, which will not work with any company other than their own and they probably own it (You are not buying but leasing the equipment)
  • They may come armed with many personal details of you and your family that they have purchased from data mining companies. (Credit scores, Family member’s names, Annual incomes, Web browsing information)
  • They are very forceful and do not take no for an answer (High Pressure sales). Many times will not leave easily without the sale. Also, does not allow customer time to do proper research.
  • Equipment offers that sound too good to be true and likely are not. Read the fine print.
  • High monthly costs. (You are paying for that equipment over time and, more likely than not, do not own)
  • Many of these companies have been sued or have pending lawsuits against them by states for deceptive sales practices. (Conduct a web search of the company name)
  • They may pressure you to sign a contract and tell you to wait 30 days to call your current company to cancel because you only have 3 days before you are locked into their contract.