Vintage Has Small Business Solutions

Do you own a small business or know someone who does? Vintage Security can provide integrated solutions for security, video surveillance, access control, or energy management. Our one app solutions allows for you to manage your business even when you cannot be there. Control your business from anywhere you are. Change, add or delete user access from the comfort of your own home. With our access control, get notifications when employees enter the building and automatically disarm the alarm system. Want video? Your cameras can automatically record the event. The intelligent recording on our cameras allow you to get a video when a person enters a space or a car enters the parking lot but, unlike typical motion recording, ignore everything else. Keep employees from adjusting the thermostat and running up your heating and air conditioning bills by adding a smart thermostat that can change the temperature automatically based on when the the alarm is armed or disarm or the building has been accessed. With our thermostat, local control can be locked out. No more lock boxes over the thermostat. Get powerful business reporting that will alert you to arm/disarm and building access activity as well as provide information on customer activity so you will know how to staff your business. More than one location? Access these powerful tools across multiple locations in one app or web interface. Call today to inquire about small business solutions that include this and much more.