Home Control

Home Control from Vintage Security turns your home into a smart home with smart thermostats, smart locks, light & appliance modules, and remote garage door control.


 Digital  Smart Thermostat

Save energy in your home with a smart thermostat that can learn your routine. This thermostat can use your security  devices and your location to adjust your thermostat for optimum savings and comfort.


Electronic Touchscreen  Smart Lock

You control access to your home from anywhere with a smart electronic lock. The lock can be unlocked with a code on the integrated keypad or can be unlocked remotely using your smart phone. Multiple codes can be added or changed right from your smart phone. The security system can also be automatically disarmed when the door is unlocked.



 Light/ Appliance Module

Never walk into a dark home again with smart lighting. Lights can be controlled right from your smart phone or can automatically turn on and off based on time, door or motion sensors and security system arming/ disarming.



Garage Door Control

You never have to wonder whether you closed the garage door again. Receive notifications based on your distance from the home if your door is left open. Open and close or check status of the door right from your smartphone.


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