Home Wiring Cable/Phone/Data System


The Vintage Home Wiring System is an essential part of any quality home. High-speed digital cables are installed directly into your walls. Convenient connections through your home make it easy to use and give your family every technical advantage.The Vintage Home Wiring System provides optional connections for:

  • Telephone and fax management
  • High-speed internet access (DSL, Cable Modem, ISDN, or Satellite)
  • Internet sharing and computer networking
  • Video management (cable, satellite, TIVO, etc)
  • Security camera monitoring
  • Home office

In todays world of computers and entertainment, having a home wired to handle all the ¬†latest technological advances will let you sleep easy. The Vintage Home Wiring System will protect your home from becoming out of date, ¬†protecting your investment and maximizing your home’s resale value.