FAQ’s And Technical Questions

For troubleshooting or common questions about the Security System from Vintage Security please read the following document. For further questions contact Customer Support.

How do I stop my keypad from beeping?

If your system has experienced a trouble condition, the system will alert you with 5 rapid beeps every minute. To silence the system, go to your keypad and press the * two times. After the system displays the trouble condition, press 1 and enter your 4-digit code. The beeps will occur every 4 hours until the problem is resolved.

What does the P1 in the display mean?

Many of our systems can be partitioned or divided into 2 separately arm-able areas. The P1 stands for partition 1. Even if your system is not partitioned, that feature is there and the keypad will always display this since there is only one partition or system.

Why is my first bill more than the rate I am paying?

Since we bill in advance, your first bill is prorated from the date your services became active. The prorated charges reflect the time between your service start date and your bill date.

Why isn’t my camera recording?

Log in to your Alarm.com account and check your recording rules under video to make sure they aren’t paused. If they are, unpause them. If there were changes made to your network, like replacing your router or changing your Wi-Fi password, then the cameras will need to be reprogrammed.

How long do my saved clips last?

Saved clips remain on your account until you have reached the maximum number of clips available on your plan. For example, if you have 1,000 clips for the month allotted for saved footage, the oldest clip will be removed when the 1,000 clip limit has been reached.

Why is my door reading open when it is closed?

When this occurs, the sensor is usually out of alignment with the magnet or there is a fault with the plunger on certain wired sensors. This may require a service call for hardwired sensors.

How do I create a secondary Alarm.com login?

Log on to your Alarm.com customer website. Click users in the menu, then manage logins in the subheadings. From here, you will be able to create a new customer login for family members, co-workers, and/or tenants.

I have a credit card or bank account on file for auto-pay. Why wasn’t the invoice processed with the auto-pay form of payment on file?

Auto-pay is processed on the 1st of each month. If autopay is declined, it is re-run on the 5th of each month. After the second attempt of no payment, an invoice for payment is mailed to the address on file. Auto-pay declines can occur because of expired credit cards or bank account information that has been changed. If either of these occurs, we encourage you to call us so we can update your auto-pay methods or direct you on how to make payments using our Online Bill Pay system.