FAQ’s And Technical Questions

For troubleshooting or common questions about the Security System from Vintage Security please read the following document. For further questions contact Customer Support.

How do I stop my keypad from beeping?

Most times the system is beeping, it is to let you know there is a problem with the system. It should display the problem at the keypad or you can make it display by pressing the * key. Most systems can be silenced by pushing the * twice and entering OFF or DISARM and your code twice.

What does the P1 in the display mean?

Many of our systems can be partitioned or divided into 2 separately arm-able areas. The P1 stands for partition 1. Even if your system is not partitioned, that feature is there and the keypad will always display this since there is only one partition or system.

Why is my first bill more than the rate I am paying?

We bill for the services in advance so when you get your first bill you typically will have been using your system a whiile before paying. The extra amount is the prorated amount for the time the system was monitored before the first bill was issued.