What is Power G?

Gage Robertson

Power G security equipment is sweeping the industry, and we know why.

Power G gives you the ability to extend your range on wireless equipment in homes and businesses. What this means for the consumer is that you will never have to worry about wireless technology losing the two-way connection. According to Johnson Controls “This groundbreaking technology allows users to integrate and reinforce the entire ecosystem of devices at their premises, giving them hassle-free control over their own security”(Johnson Controls, 2022). This may seem like a simple solution; however, the technology is used to make homes and businesses more secure and run smoother.

Vintage Security, a home and business security installer located in Jessup, MD, offers a wide range of this Power G technology. This technology is to help your business or home relieve the hassle of wires and outdated equipment. When you want reliable and durable security Vintage is the company to contact!

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