Tis’​ The Season of Stealing

Gage Robertson

Tis’ the season! Quite frankly, this is the best time of the year minus the cold weather. This is a wonderful time to look back on the year as it comes to an end and spend time with your family.

I am sure some of us have already started Christmas shopping, and as we all know some of us do this in July (a little soon if you asked me), but packages will soon be arriving in the 10’s and 100’s ready to be wrapped. Unfortunately, for some, this is also the best time of the year for porch shopping, and for the businesses I know how important your packages can be to deliver on time this holiday season.

How are you prepared to protect yourself from the porch bandits this year? The dog might bark, but before you can even react the thief probably already got your package!

Look no further than Vintage Security. Our state-of-the-art Video Doorbells and Cameras are all powered through Alarm.com and Alarm.com for Business. What this means for you is not only do you have the capability of seeing your house and front porch when packages arrive, you will be able to have notifications sent to you if these cameras pick up any unwanted visitors at the front door.

Don’t look to DIY this year to protect your home or business, look to a professional like Vintage Security to install and monitor these cameras for you, and ensure that your packages and family are protected. Vintage Security also has a top-of-the-line service team who will be there to assist in any way possible this season!

Call us today at 877-767-1800 for your free consultation. Don’t wait, protect now!