The New Way to Keep Track of Your Business Remotely.

Gage Robertson

For businesses, the occupancy has always been a beneficial statistic to help make sense of consumption, busy hours, and brand awareness. Surprisingly, this has almost always been tracked through sensors in doors and purchased items. has a new way to track occupancy through their Business Activity Analytics equipped cameras. When the occupancy rule is set up on an entrance door, you have the capability to track who goes in and out of the door to maintain an accurate occupancy. Additionally, these cameras are equipped with the capability to monitor queue times for waiting areas, people counting for crowd gathering purposes, and heat mapping for busy areas in stores. (click the link to view a video example- Business Activity Analytics)

Vintage Security offers a wide variety of these Business Activity Analytic cameras, along with professional installation and excellent customer service. If these cameras are of interest to you, please visit to request your free consultation.