The Ease of Access Control

Gage Robertson

With many options out there for access control systems, sometimes it may be overwhelming when trying to decide what is best for your business. A few things might come to mind when you are making this decision like is this system going to be user friendly, will it alert me when people try to get in who aren’t supposed to, or maybe you might wonder if the system you choose will allow you to control when your employees are going to be able to come and go. should be your first stop as a small or medium sized business if you are looking for any of those things. offers user friendly, cloud-based access control that allows you to open and close doors from your phone or laptop in less than a minute from anywhere in the world. Not only is making the access control process easy, but they have also integrated it with their cameras, so when you are expecting a delivery and the delivery person rings the doorbell, you will be able to verify its them through video and unlock the door right from the same screen on your phone. likes to keep it secure, easy, and effective when it comes to their access control. There is no lengthy process when it comes to adding users, scheduling your doors to be open for business hours, giving access to maintenance and cleaning services for limited times, or even setting up videos for when certain users access your building.

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