Stay Cool in the Dog Days of Summer

Did you know Vintage Security can offer support when it comes to your home’s heating & cooling? With our smart thermostats, we can keep you and your family cool during the dog days of summer! They do this because they are connected to the internet, can be controlled with the Vintage Security smartphone app, and can even change the temperature in a room without being told – sounds pretty great right?

Vintage Security thermostats are connected to every device and activity sensor throughout your smart home security system. It uses built-in intelligence to understand your habits, help save on energy costs, and keep you comfortable.

Save Energy the easy way

With information being sent to your thermostat in real-time your smart thermostat sees every opportunity to save energy! So, when it realizes no one is in the home, it can save you energy when you are at work, running errands, and make sure that things are comfortable for when you return home again. It can even minimize wasted energy and notify you when a window or door has been left open in the home.

Enjoy comfort room to room

Some people in the home may like it warm, while others like the temperature cold. With Vintage Security our smart thermostats can program different settings for different rooms using our wireless temperature sensors.

Cool things down with touch & voice

Our smart thermostats connect to your smartphone, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa Echo devices, responding to your swipe or voice! You can adjust the temperature in a room or your entire home with your finger or voice!

If you are ready to upgrade your heating and cooling system to a smart system, make sure to contact Vintage Security and ask for a free estimate!