Need a co-host for your Weekend Party? Use your Vintage Security Smart Home System!

Vintage Security does not just provide you with the latest in smart home technology, we also make things easier and more convenient around the home, especially when you are entertaining! While our home security system cannot make your signature dish it can keep the party running smoothly indoors and out.

Know when guests arrive

Entertaining during a party is not easily done. So, when a guest rings the doorbell and you are on the back deck, pick up your smartphone to see who is at the door, say hello, and let them in without breaking your stride.

Keeps an eye on the kids

Hosting parties is a great way to catch up with friends and family and also to see the kids interact together. With contact sensors and smartphone alerts, Vintage Security can keep tabs on the kids throughout the house and alert you if they move into off-limit areas such as the garage. This beats the alternative which is knowing something is going on when things are a little too quiet!

Keeps the party going when its dark!

As the sun goes down, lights need to be turned on. Don’t break stride and start turning on lights, with our indoor and outdoor sensors Vintage Security can automatically turn on lights!