How to Protect Your Home From Break-Ins

Emmett Churchman

During recent months, we have seen an increase in crime and burglaries in our area. Some speculate that household burglaries have been on the rise for a number of reasons, one including the economic crisis that a large portion of our population have experienced. People are desperate, and unfortunately resort to stealing from others. With online deliveries and packages being delivered to properties and being left unattended, this attracts thieves. Statistics show that even the location of a home on a particular block or the home’s surroundings can increase their risk of being burglarized.

So what is the best way to protect your home and possessions from being burglarized?

Most experts agree that a having a monitored security system in your home greatly decreases your chance of being burglarized. According to a report published by the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology at the University of North Carolina, 60% of burglars said that homes with security systems influenced their decision to move on to another target. Having a professionally installed security system together with added features like video surveillance, life safety devices, and remote accessibility will increase your protection and safety in your home.

Vintage Security in conjunction with offers a vast array of products to not only protect your home and possessions, but through the remote platform integration, you can now operate your fully functional smart home right from your phone. You have the ability to monitor your alarm, view your property inside and out. You can also control your home’s lighting, locks, and thermostats which translates to financial savings as a result of efficient energy management. You can also lock and unlock doors to give access to visitors, or create temporary passcodes to enter your home if needed. Even if you have locations that are outside of your home’s immediate wireless network, such as boats, remote gates, or barns, we have a product that will notify you if a disturbance is occurring. Vintage is now also offering the IQ Pro WiFi 6 mesh network service, which increases your internet reliability and allows all of your security devices to land on a separate network within your property.

The possibilities to secure your home are seemingly endless. At the end of the day, if you have all of these features but fail to use them, then they will not work to their full capability. With Vintage, you will receive a complete tutorial on the functions of the equipment, how to use the application to its full potential, and most importantly, you will receive our continued professional support throughout your time being a part of the Vintage Family.