Four Ways Vintage Security Improves your Front Door!

The front door to any home is a busy place. At any point in the day, you could arrive at your front door to great a friend, sign for a package, or run out the front door to accomplish some last-minute errands! In short it is hard to keep track of everyone and everything that passes through the front door.

That is why having a doorbell camera on your front door is a must have when it comes to home security. Vintage Security Doorbell cameras can show you who is at the door, no matter where you are. Because these doorbell cameras are integrated into your smart home security system, they are able to cooperate with all of your devices, helping you with your everyday life.

You can Answer the door from anywhere

When a visitor rings the doorbell, you can receive an alert on your smartphone from Vintage Security. Open the app on your phone, and you will see a live video feed of who is at the door. You can even speak to them thanks to the built-in microphone icon on the app itself!

Protects Packages from Thieves

Thanks to the smart locks, your Vintage Security Home System you can lock and unlock your door remotely. This is a great feature for protecting packages that would otherwise be left on your porch. This allows you to open the door and have the package placed inside the door before arming your system and locking the door again.

View any Suspicious Activity

The front doorbell video feed acts as the frontline of defense in your home security system. It is ready to capture and send you footage of any suspicious activity that may be happening in your porch area. These videos are stored on your phone where they are easy to download and can be forwarded to your partner, neighbor, or local police department!

Keep up with the kids

Kids are always coming and going! From roaming the neighborhood to coming back from a sleepover, you can know exactly when they arrive home by creating a doorbell camera alert! It is a great way to make sure your kids arrive home safe and know who they are with.

If you are ready to have a front door that is powered by Vintage Security make sure to visit our contact us page for a free estimate on the Vintage Security Home Security System!