How to Prepare When Having a Security System Installed

So you have purchased a security system and the installation has been scheduled, now what do you need to do to prepare? When doing the installation, the installer will need access to a good portion of your home. It is helpful if all areas where there will be devices installed can be cleared so that the installer has easy access to those areas. This would include the outside of the home if we are installing items such as cameras. Please help by confining pets and keeping small children occupied. Although we love pets and children , we do not want anyone to accidentally get hurt. Make sure to set aside some time for after the installation free from distraction, so that we may give you thorough and proper instruction on how to use your new system. Make sure that your internet service is active as many items and features require internet. You also should be aware of your wireless network name (SSID) and password so that security items can be connected. If you are A Vintage Interactive customer , you can download the app to your smartphone in advance of the installation. The app can be found at either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store by searching