Catch Santa Claus in Your Home This Christmas with Cameras!

From now until December 31st, 2022, you can take snapshots using compatible cameras, insert an image of Santa, and send the evidence to friends and family. Spread holiday cheer with this fun feature!

All you need to do to catch Santa on camera is open your Vintage Interactive app and:

  • Select a Live Video feed and tap the Santa icon to take a snapshot
  • Add a Santa, resizing or moving him as needed
  • Select from day (full color) or night version Santa options
  • Share the image with friends and family
  • Note: The first time you tap on a Live Video feed, a pop-up window will explain how to catch Santa on camera.







For some additional fun you can also create a Santa alert to show your kids or family.

  1. Choose a Sensor on that you can change the name that is easy to access (like a back door)
  2. Change the Name of the Sensor to “Chimney”
  3. Create a notification when there is sensor activity for the “Chimney”
  4. Before you go to bed on Christmas Eve, open the back door and you will get a push notification, text, or email letting you know that the chimney sensor was activated.
  5. When the kids wake you up in morning show them the alert and the picture and add to their excitement and magic of Christmas Day!

So have fun with your kids and catch Santa Claus this Christmas with cameras!

Catch Santa Claus this Christmas with Cameras