Back-to-School with Vintage Security


Summer vacation has come and gone and right about now it is the time to start the back to school shopping list! While you buy countless pencils, pens, and folders, one thing to consider adding to your list is a Vintage Security home monitoring system! A school supply must for many working families with older children.

The Vintage Security Home Monitoring and Control System comes equipped with features that will act as safeguards for your kids, delivering peace of mind throughout the school year. So just how can a home security system installed by Vintage Security help?

Fewer Keys equals Fewer Worries

As your kids begin to arrive home on their own, Vintage Security makes it easier to enter the home with our keyless smart locks and user codes! The best part is they cannot be lost on the walk home, school bus, or left in their locker. They can also ring the doorbell camera and you can unlock the door remotely.

Checking in Virtually

Once your students arrive home, Vintage Security can send you a notification! With our home security system, you can see a quick snapshot of who is in the home, view a live feed from one of your cameras, and even get clips of your kids walking through the door!

Smart Reminders

Mornings with school can sometimes be a bit rushed! In case someone in the family forgets to close the garage door, or lock one of the doors, Vintage Security can send you a reminder! By sending alerts to your smartphone our security systems are active even on the go!

To add home security to your Back to School Shopping Supplies, make sure to contact Vintage Security for a free estimate!