“We have been impressed with the level of knowledge and the customer service orientation your service technicians have”


“I was a Vintage customer for 6 years and during that time, I received nothing short of top notch service from them”


“Their employees are highly trained individuals who were always professional and prompt in responding to alarms and providing customer service”


“Winchester Homes would like to take a moment recognize Vintage Security as one of our “Top Performers”


“We look forward to working with Vintage Security again in the future”


“This professionalism is what warrants and ensures our continued confidence in Vintage and the product we purchased”

Janet, Commercial”

 “I believe CMG made the correct choice when selecting Vintage”

            Janet, Commercial

 ‘The presence of quality people validates the selection of Vintage as our security team”


“The team there at Vintage is very responsive, I am impressed”

Dan, Commercial

“I am so used to poor service from vendors that your level of service comes as a shock to my senses”

Dan, Commercial

“We on the law enforcement side appreciate the high standards we see in the industry from companies like Vintage”

Loudon County Sheriffs Office

“The results exceeded our expectations”

Jennifer and Michael

“I would recommend Vintage Security to those I know and come into contact with”


“From the first meeting, we’ve been highly impressed with Vintage and we know we made the right choice”


“I have dealt with your competitors in the past , and find you to be in a class above them”

C. Byrne

“Once again, thank you for your continued dedication and your vision of quality”

Winchester Homes

“Being elderly and alone, it is comforting to know people care”


“I will not hesitate to recommend your company and it’s superior employees to all I know. Thank you again, I sleep much better now!”


“I am extremely pleased with the system and the service I received. I will certainly not hesitate to recommend your company to others.”


“Vintage Security is a class organization”

Al | Builder, Residential Customer

“Your wonderful service was well worth any amount of money spent.”


“Your whole crew continues to live up to a high level of excellence, service and support”

Jerry, Commercial

“When I met with Vintage, I was impressed with the personal attention”


“I wish all of our service providers were as responsive as Vintage”

 Priscilla, Commercial

“I am happy to have Vintage!”


“Being in sales myself, I appreciate those professionals who not only talk about meeting customer needs but indeed show it by their deeds.”


“We greatly appreciate our relationship with your company”

Robert Wormald, Builder